Friday Flow, #41

Chosen, hope, character

What’s up?

I’ve just discovered The Chosen. It aims to be the first show about the life of Jesus that spans multiple seasons—I say “aims” because it’s only in season 2, but the creators have 7 planned. It’s a pretty interesting show because it’s entirely crowdfunded, and the first season was the highest crowd-funded TV series or film ever. (I have no idea what the second highest might have been.)

It’s a really interesting show. It’s slow paced, and you can tell it’s low budget, but it’s thoughtfully written and while it wears its heart on its sleeve, it’s not cheesy in the way modern art by and for religious people often is—but that’s a topic for another day. The whole show tells the story of Jesus through the eyes of the people who encountered him. Each episode spotlights one such encounter—often a miracle—but where other shows would have focused on the wonder of the encounter, the show focuses on the impact on those caught up in it.

I’m probably a bit biased about it for the obvious reason that it’s about my faith. But I certainly walk away feeling like you can see why Jesus would have had the kind of following he did—not just because of his claims, but because of his character. At a time when we’re all pressured to make all kinds of claims, I’m reminded that the ability to back them up is what matters most.

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I hope you hope (essays)

Since last week I’ve, yes, written 7 more atomic essays and I’m on the last lap now. As I write this, I have only 4 more to go. Putting out these essays every week has been so much fun! I thought I could do it, but actually doing it has been delightful.

My favourite atomic essay this week was also the fastest to write. The first paragraph was all I had clear in my head at the start and about 45 minutes later, the whole thing was cooked. I don’t typically like stuff I write that quickly but I really liked this one, and I hope you do too.

Here’s where you can jump on the essay from this week:

Here’s all the other essays from the past week:

What are you building? (proverb)

My essay today was about the why intelligence is overrated, so this Yoruba proverb is appropriate.

They who build a house—but not their character—may find none to share it with.

Talk soon,

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