Three Takeaways for the weekend

4 October, 2019

It’s another Friday, which means it’s time for Three Takeaways: my letter where I share a Thought, a Word and a Tip For you to take into the weekend!

Today though, there’s also a bit of news at the end. So let’s get cracking!

A Thought

That something is true does not mean it’s helpful. In fact, what’s true is sometimes particularly unhelpful.

In science and the pursuit of knowledge in general, this doesn’t really matter, since we can’t judge the usefulness of what we don’t know until we know it, so knowledge has to be prioritised over its usefulness.

But being human is not a science. It’s an art, a daily creating of our lives on the tapestry of the universe using as our raw materials the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

And art is about choices. What colours will you use? What notes will you play? Where will you place them? To achieve what effect? And yes, for what audience?

There’s a lot to process there, but here’s one application of true but unhelpful. It’s true that your life wounds may affect you in ways you don’t know. It’s not necessarily helpful to focus too much on whether your struggle in some area is from a life wound or not. Why? Because there’s the danger of interpreting things most people struggle with, like feeling insecure or lacking confidence, as trauma when it’s just you being human, and that makes you even less likely to overcome it.

Here’s a good rule of thumb for helpful truth: does it help you act? Does it clarify a choice? If it doesn’t, it may be the truest thing in the world, and in all likelihood, it’s even you who needs to grow into its fullness, but at that point, it’s noise.

What’s the point of learning about all the colours if you don’t know which to use?

Your life won’t live itself.

A Word

Simple, clear purposes and principles give rise to complex and intelligent behaviour. Complex rules and regulations give rise to simple and stupid behaviour. — Dee Hock, founder and former CEO of what is now Visa (the credit card company)

What aspect of your life could use some simplifying this weekend? Pick one. Just one. Then act on it. Remember: simple.

A Tip

Do you or anyone you know have a website or something like that, and would like to receive money for stuff but you live in a country (like Nigeria) that doesn’t support a common service like Stripe?

Ooh boy have I got a workaround for you! Just click through to this article on Medium and follow the steps.

I don’t receive money for these tips by the way. Just so you know. (If somehow I ever did, you’d be first to know.)

Till next…Oh wait, I said I had some news! Well, next week I’m opening up early bird support for this letter, but if you already signed up on at this link. Anyone signing up after that won’t get it at that price. 

Until next week, helpfully yours,
Doc Ayomide