Read your full Productivity article and I love it! I'm a big believer in the Taoist maxims 'Doing without doing' and 'No-one knows the usefulness of the useless'. Personally, I find I can only live my life in alignment when I apply the "backwards law": I convince myself I'm fine as I am, don't need to be anything, achieve anything, do anything, and it's only then that I'm ready to be and do all the things I need to be and do. If I start out by demanding a bunch of things out of myself I end up doing everything out of a sense of guilt and fear. I have to trust that all the things I want to bring about will happen naturally without my forcing them: I actually *like* productivity and self-improvement, and I do both of them better when I'm motivated by genuine enthusiasm, spontaneity and energy than when I'm going 'I suppose I should...'

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