This week note is of paramount importance when it comes to relationships(making friends) at work place.When you are/fall into the right environment,you won’t hesitate to make friends as much as you can,but when you find yourself in a gathering of gossips and it’s not your kind of nature,it’s better you stand on your lane than sit in the midst of mockers.In this case,your friends might not be more than one or two which will end up being beneficial.I think 🤔 this gives the greatest peace one needs.

Moreover, being at peace will be the best for one’s good health!!!🧠😊🥰

Nice write up this week.👍👏🤝

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Lots of interesting stuff here Doc. I read the whole Twitter thread on the production of books, fascinating.

I'm just about to start a new job helping disabled college students, and it'll be interesting to see how I find it socially. Obviously social interaction will be involved, but it'll probably be almost exclusively with people a dozen years younger than me, so I doubt I'll make friends as such. Better than nothing though, and I do love the academic environment, always have.

I write a bit about Nassim Taleb here, in the context of paving a pragmatist middle way between the politically charged poles of "facts" (pure objectivity) and "feelings" (pure subjectivity). You may be interested! https://smalldarklight.substack.com/p/facts-and-logic-and-lived-experience?r=8z5zd&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy

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