Great post, one that resonates with me.

After ten years, I'm finally recording my first album. A few things have gotten in the way before now, but one of the main ones is the fear that I'll put it out there and hardly anyone will care about it. After all, the music market is saturated past saturation.

And don't forget the perfectionist fear that I won't represent myself at my best, and everyone I respect will go 'Oh, is *that* all they had in them all this time?'

I finally decided I had to do this for myself, not because the world "needs" another album. There's just something incomplete about a creative act unless someone else is on the receiving end, same as talking in an empty room isn't communication. And when my creative acts aren't fully authentic and fully realised, my body lets me know.

On the plus side, I have more good songs to choose from now than I had ten years ago.

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I promise, I won’t hold back!😊

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Your writing is a reflective writing!👍🤝

Mine is the story of my life from childhood to adulthood. I started this writing ✍️ when I was a child and stopped at some point which I know it has to be a deal of continuity, but was like and felt like if anyone finds this hope it won’t be something else. Moreover, as I grow up into adulthood, I begin to realize it’s something (write up) that should continue and would come out one day for sure. Something always tells me: ‘It’s better late than never.’

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